Case Studies


Cătălin Nichifor has served as BoD Chairman and interim CFO for the largest independent petrochemical plant in Romania, an important producer of synthetic rubber, butadiene and liquefied petroleum gas. The business was restarted after 2 years of stagnation and grew from zero to €85 million /year in sales in 3 years.


Cătălin Nichifor has served as Finance Manager for one of the largest tier 1 automotive suppliers, being involved in the relocation of businesses from Western Europe to Romania and the development and consolidation of the Romanian subsidiary. During his services, the sales of the subsidiary grew from zero to €125 million /year in 5 years.

Financial & Management KPY's Surveillance

Nichifor Consulting is the surveillance agent for one of the largest Romanian airports for the commitments made to the Competition Council.

Energy & Renewable Energy

Nichifor Consulting has successfully finalised several change management and performance improvement projects for the largest electricity distributors in Romania and for the national grid company. The company has been successfully involved in the development of renewable energy projects with a combined capacity of approximate 90MW.

Real Estate & Asset Management

Cătălin Nichifor has served as Finance and Operations Manager for the world's largest real estate asset manager and contributed to the opening and development of the Romanian subsidiary, being involved in the cross border structuring and completion of a multi-million commercial real estate transaction. Cătălin Nichifor has also served as Director for one of the largest real estate development in Romania, a multi-million residential district developed for public officers that went under restructuring and insolvency process. Cătălin Nichifor has served as a Director during the pre—insolvency period and contributed to the relaunch of sales and construction.